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I have added the missing captures and stills of Shadowhunters from what has aired thus far of season 3 to the image gallery.

0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0083.jpg 0037.jpg

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The Warlocks’ magic is becoming corrupted by a demonic presence while Izzy and Luke try to track down more information on the recent series of possessions.

High quality captures of the premiere episode of Shadowhunters have been added to the image gallery as well as a couple stills from the episode as well.

0075.jpg 0059.jpg 0013.jpg 0083.jpg

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Shadowhunters will return on April 3rd, 2018! News was released at New York Comic Con as well as the trailer below

Captures of this week’s Shadowhunter’s summer premiere have been added to the gallery.

0010.jpg 0024.jpg 0055.jpg 0084.jpg

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Captures from teh winter finale have been added to the gallery. Shadowhunters returns on June 5th for the second half of the season!

0007.jpg 0028.jpg 0160.jpg 0139.jpg

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Captures of this week’s Shadowhunters episode have been added to the gallery.

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